Meet Kate Smith

    For Kate Smith, colour is not just a way of life - she brings it to life by helping people understand it, enjoy it & have fun with it.

  • Framed Attitude

    Framed Attitude

    Trying to achieve the right balance of rich warmth and sophisticated beauty can be a challenge without a proper colour plan. A jewel-toned palette, like the latest colour trend Framed Attitude, easily lays things out for you and allows you to create endless combinations in your home.

  • Feeling Arty?

    Feeling Arty?

    Duracoat has introduced a series of customised colour palettes for the local market that will enable Kenyans to tap into world colour trends as they emerge globally. This follows a new partnership with Sensational Color (USA).

  • Couture Fashion

    Couture Fashion

    Designers often express their moods based on the season's latest colour trends. Be in vogue with our skilfully arranged Couture Fashion collection which is guaranteed and enliven your personal style.

  • Arty Expressionism

    Arty Expressionism

    Live life in the abstract ignite your passion for the arts with our take of traditional and contemporary expressionism palettes that are guaranteed to turn your home into a work of art.