3-Steps for Making a Small Room Seem Larger

3-Steps for Making a Small Room Seem Larger

By Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH

Are your small rooms literally cramping your style? Are you trying to visually maximize your square footage to sell your home for the best price? Whatever the reason you need to enlarge your space, it is easy to create the illusion of more room, without the need for construction. Follow these 3 simple steps that will make your small space seem to immediately expand before your very eyes.

Step 1: Light is your friend

One of the easiest ways to visually enlarge that bitty bathroom or close-quarters kitchen is to choose a fair to mid-tone, light-reflecting colour to carry throughout the space. Many people think they need to slather white paint from trim to ceiling to achieve more visual space. Paler colours do naturally reflect light, but going too stark or white actually accentuates dark corners or shadows, making the space seem smaller. Stick with a more mid-tone colour range that will make even a tiny space seem to gain immediate square footage.

Step 2: Reduce the contrast

One surefire way to create the impression of space is to eliminate colour contrasts in the room. When our eyes see a contrast, like a deep red room outlined in bright, white trim, the sharp difference in both colour and light causes the eye to stop where the two colours meet – making the room seem smaller than it is. Instead, fool the eye into responding, “Wow, this is big!” by keeping the colour seamless and in motion. Choose trim, wall, and ceiling colours that are very close in hue, perhaps only a shade or two apart.

Step 3: Go solo

Using just one, single-colour scheme you can easily create the feeling of expanded space. If your go-to colour is green, incorporate shades of green all throughout the room. For instance, compliment medium-green walls with both trim and ceiling painted in lighter shades of the same colour.

Add in a neutral sofa that has hints of green accents and choose that same green for your window treatments. Using this one colour scheme in many different shades will instantly, visually expand the space. Just be sure to use variations of the colour from light to dark to keep the overall design scheme polished and not too busy.

Gaining visual floor space in your home can make or break that house sale, invite guests to stretch out a bit more and make you feel less confined. By using these 3 simple colour techniques, you can immediately start enjoying your home – without knocking down a single wall. Start planning your colour strategy today.

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