Celebrate Colour Therapy Month

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By Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH

Colour Therapy Month is a time to celebrate the healing powers of colour. In a month where spring blooms are just beginning to poke through the ground, March’s lively greens, pops of yellows, soft pinks and reds are all reminders that a new season is about to begin. Colour Therapy Month recognises the power colour has to renew, revive and replenish our energy.

Colour Therapy has been around for thousands of years, used as an energy healing method. A colour therapist uses light and colour in the form of tools, visualisation or verbalisations to balance the energy in certain areas of our bodies that are lacking in “vibrance”.

Whether you have ever visited a colour therapist or perhaps never even heard of it, we are all practicing some level of colour therapy daily. Subconsciously, we utilise colour in our lives to feel a certain way. Throw on a red sweater or paint a red wall and we stimulate our energy to high levels and send that out into the world. Blue has relaxing powers and pink is youthful, fun and happy.

In honor of a full month devoted to colour, I suggest switching things up in your wardrobe or your home. Infuse positivity and renewal with greens and splashes of happy yellows. Add a new throw pillow to your living room, a fun pair of shoes or hang a new colourful piece of art. Think about the colours you want to convey to the world as you select items to introduce into your life.

Use Colour Therapy Month as a time to explore and have fun. Make a colour party, event or rainbow dinner. To learn more about the meaning and psychology of colour here visit here.

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