Create a Buzz With Yellow

Create a buzz with yellowBy Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH

Colour is never more fascinating than when taken directly from nature. Deep, rich honey yellows always beckon me. That’s why when I hear honeybees buzzing flower to flower, I feel inspired to create and design with yellow.

Currently on trend, yellow is an easy, seamless update to practically any space. Here are some best ways to incorporate this warm and natural colour into your home.

Where to incorporate yellow

Yellow creates a welcoming space full of joy and cheerfulness. It is a perfect choice for an entryway instantly activating a positive vibe as you enter your home.

Stimulate creativity and promote conversation through the luminous powers of yellow. Dining areas, living rooms and even home offices benefit greatly from a honey makeover.

Sun-kissed yellow allows you to bring warmth and ambience into a space. Lighting elements work alongside colour to create a really special feel. In this space the walls will almost glimmer a golden hue.

Yellows have a powerful impact

No colour has the ability to raise our spirits as quickly as yellow. It is a happy colour that makes you want to smile.

There is a wide range of shades from the softest butter yellows and creams to crocus, sunflower or acid yellow. Take care to choose the right yellow for your space representing both your personality and the impact you wish to have.

A softer shade – more subtle or gentle on the eyes. Or, for a louder and more vibrant effect, a bright, vivid hue.

Yellow’s positive psychological qualities or optimism offer happiness and hope for the future. This is what naturally attracts us to this upbeat choice. My current colour trend forecast includes crocus, in Duracoat’s latest Arty Expressionism palette, a vibrant, cheerful colour.

Yellows & neutrals are best friends

Pair yellow with gray or any other neutral. Even a touch of yellow can go a long way in adding life to neutrals. Place it together with other brights to create a fun, lively feeling.

Add a cheerful ray of sunshine to any room. You can start small with accessories, cushions and throws, or small accent chair. If you want to turn up the glow, paint a large accent wall in a sunny yellow. There are many shades to choose from, if a crocus yellow is brighter than you have in mind, look for a lighter yellow that is more soothing.

However you choose to incorporate nature’s warm honey yellows it will be a surefire mood setter. Don’t be afraid to find inspiration in the smallest of places, like little honeybees.

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