Creating a Haven at Home


As life gets more and more complicated, your home becomes a place to rest, restore and rejuvenate your spirit. When decorating your home you will want to have at least one area where it is less active and you can unwind. It doesn’t have to be a big space but should be one where you can surround yourselves with nature’s calming colours, textures, scents and sounds.

When creating your haven at home, begin by thinking about the places in nature you might go when seeking solace. Would you be surrounded by watery blues or leafy greens? Is the feeling light and airy or colourful and lush? Your space needs to include colours that give you a feeling of joy and peacefulness. Allow Mother Nature to be your guide.

Light clear colours can feel refreshing, more muted pastels soothing. Deep, exotic colours may envelop you while airy blues make you feel free. The colours of the earth and trees can be comforting. Shades of white, cream and soft gray create a serene environment.

Find a colour scheme based in nature and look even closer to find natural patterns that you can mimic in your design elements. Think about the repetitive shapes of leaves on the forest floor for example. Or the linear lines of layers of earth or even the undulating lines across the surface of water. Repetition of simple shapes adds to the feeling of harmony in your special space.

Accessorize with soothing sounds. Music works but so does the sound of a small water fall or delicate wind chime. Add a soft carpet, layers of fabrics and a few pillows to keep you comfortable. Finish the space with candles, fragrance, a live plant or two and lighting that give you just the right ambience for your oasis of calm.

By using a favorite place outdoors as the starting point for creating your haven at home, you design a space that soothes your soul and reconnects you to the rejuvenating power or nature.

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