Express Yourself With A Framed Attitude

framedBy Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH

On Trend: A Framed Attitude

Trying to achieve the right balance of rich warmth and sophisticated beauty can be a challenge without a proper colour plan.  A jewel-toned palette, like the latest colour trend Framed Attitude, easily lays things out for you and allows you to create endless combinations in your home.

Utilizing both saturated and neutral tones, a nature inspired palette can really be incorporated into any space in your home as accents, full room colour or even in complementary hues that work in tandem.

A Few Best Bets

Immediately liven up a neutral living or dining room with an accent wall in a rich saturated blue. Blue brings out the natural beauty in wood furniture and plays off red or coral highlights, perhaps a chair or tablecloth in the space.

Children’s spaces are a fun spot to play with these tones, as well. A strong green partnered with a soft yellow play together wonderfully, creating a space that feels fun and youthful. Try highlighting accents in the room with the earthy green so as not to overpower the space.

Mixing & Matching

Creating the right balance of colour is simple with this palette. Choose one colour as the primary choice painted in at least 50% of your space. The second colour should be a similar hue, perhaps a tint of the main colour on 25% of the space. For the remaining portion of the space, add interest through accent colour choices that either contrast completely (for fun) or harmonize with each other (for elegance).

Take cues from gorgeous wildflowers and pop colour all over your spaces. Mix and match vibrant purples and red accents against softer creams and browns to create ambience that gleams with rich elegance. Convert a tired, old bookshelf into a statement piece painting a different colour from the palette on every shelf and its background.

Express Yourself In Colour

In 2014, the new Duracoat Framed Attitude colour trends palette, designed especially for Kenya opens your mind to look at the possible and then lets you think beyond. Self-expressionism is abundant here. The colours are raw and new, giving way to unexpected colour combinations. Using saturated and neutral tones, the palette is taking us forwards into a new era.

These are colours that instantly allow you to bend the rules. Express yourself with colour and watch your spaces come alive with vibrancy and sophistication. Now is the time to create your own Framed Attitude.

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