Fresh Green


By Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH

Green is all around us. Outdoors it is spring green and in stores it is the fashionable or trendy greens. This means that for those planning on decorating there are plenty of shades to inspire you as you choose fabrics, accessories, and paint shades. Here are a few tips to make it easy to decorate with green.

One easy way to use green is as an accent colour. Keep the larger pieces in the room such as the walls, flooring or fireplace in one colour. A shade like Green Genie is then introduced into the room with smaller items such as a chair, pillows and vase.
Embrace green 100 percent and let it take the spotlight by using it on your walls. Asparagus is fresh and inviting; Mint Sherbet is cool and refreshing. Fresca with just a hint of green can easily replace white with a bit of colour.

Bolder greens can brighten up a quiet colour scheme. Green Envy as an accent color can provide just the right amount of contrast to neutrals. When painted on the walls Green Envy is brought back down to earth with natural woods and a textured beige decor.
Do you dare create something dramatic with dark green? Go bold with a brighter green? Perhaps a soft, suble green will work best. Whatever shade you choose green will give your home a fresh look.

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