Give Your Bathroom a Colour Makeover


By Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH
From replacing bath fixtures to taking out vanities, bathroom renovations can be pricey. But if your bathroom needs a makeover you may not need to invest in major renovations to overhaul the space. Instead invest a weekend (or less!) in a colour makeover. Here are three easy ways to give a bathroom or powder room the lift it needs by adding colour:


Looking for budget-friendly way to add splashes of colour? Head to your favorite discount or department store and shop the bathroom accessory aisles. Since accessories are so reasonably priced, this is a great place to pick up trendy or whimsical items. So if that red toothbrush holder with yellow polka dots really appeals to you, go for it. Since you didn’t invest much it will be easier for you to part ways with it when it’s time to move on to another colour scheme.


Another quick fix for the bathroom is to add colourful art. While you might not want to put an original from your favorite local artist around the moisture, the bathroom is still a great place for prints to find a home. You can find a wide variety of prints, making it easy to find one that suits your bathroom’s personality, whether the theme is Moons and Stars or Matisse.


Whether you’ve got a large bathroom or just a powder room that needs a punch of colour, painting is the perfect way to add colour. After all, between the shower/bath stall and the vanity, there’s usually not too much wall to paint.

Choose colours that complements the features you can’t change, such as fixtures or tile but don’t shy away from using colour. This is the one room where you can easily go bold and have a little fun.

Those are three quick colour tips for giving your bathroom a colour makeover without investing too much time. Are you ready to start making over your space with colour this weekend.

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