Kate Smith

Kate SmithA home makes a statement.It tells the world something about the personality of the people who live inside. Whether a home is new or being renovated,each product and colour choice presents an opportunity to develop a style stsement while enhancing the outward appeal and resale valueof the property.

The problem is that choosing the right materials and products is ofteneasier than choosing the colours.Having to pick a colour for one item can be difficult;having to select several colours for the exterior can be daunting task.The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult task at all.All it takes is some FRESH thinking in selecting the the right colour for each element of a home’s exterior.These include roofing,ceiling,doors,windows,security grills,and the main gate.

FRESH is the approach I developed as a certified colour professional for selecting colours for a home exterior – and you can use this same process for choosing colours.By considering these five points you will be able to pick the perfect colours for any home exterior.

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