Light Up Your Home For The Holidays

Lght Your Home

By Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH

Did you know that the first electric lights made for Christmas were introduced by Thomas Alva Edison in 1882, just three years after his invention of the first light bulb in 1879?

Since their debut in 1882, holiday lights have seen many changes over the years. Today’s modern Christmas lights offer many benefits that our forefathers would’ve never dreamed possible within the small, but complicated, inner workings that make up a light bulb.

Today most of the holiday lighting is made up of energy efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. LED light bulbs use modern technological advances to create a light that uses less energy to light, has a longer bulb life, responds faster to switching, exudes more robust and clearer illumination, and is gentler on the environment than its predecessors.

With the introduction of LED bulbs your holiday lighting is no longer limited to warm white or bright coloured lights. Today there are more colour choices and combination than ever before. Mix up light and dark green. Bring together pastels and brights. Update traditional red and green by adding pink and light green. Even a combination of warm white and cool white with amber or faint blue can create a special winter wonderland look.

Selecting the right colours for your holiday decor starts with considering a few things about your home. Your colour scheme can be inspired by your lifestyle, style of your home or even be influenced by your neighborhood.

If you have kids, multi-coloured lights might be what gives them the most delight. White lights or a single soft colour can be best if your goal is to highlight your home’s architectural details, landscaping or other outside elements. Sometimes neighbours collaborate to turn their entire street into an attention getting display. Whatever colour scheme you choose, make it your own.

You no longer have to shy away from lighting up your home exterior so untangle those strings of holiday lights and start decorating. Start at the top along the roof line and work your way down, adding lights to the best features of your home. Last, add a spotlight to show off the wreath or decorations on your front door and you’re ready for all the holiday festivities.

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