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3 Ways For Creating Spaces With Personality

Spirited. Spunky. Inspiring. Maybe someone has used these words to describe you. Perhaps you just secretly wish someone would. The fact is, when it comes to interior design, traditional colour schemes might not create the vibe you want from your décor. You need colour with energy and adventure.

While you can inject energy into any room of the house, an adventurous scheme is ideal for rooms where you want a “wow” response. This spirited mood can also be used in places where you want to create a stimulating environment, such as a play room or family living area. Yes, this style even works well for a “man cave”. Here are tips and tricks for creating rooms that convey Personality:

The key to living life on the décor wild side is to incorporate dramatic schemes into your space. This isn’t the place for the gentle violet or the daffodil yellow. Instead, think in bright colours that immediately draw the eye. Jewel tones are bold eye-grabbers that add a modern touch to the design.

Pair neutral colours with the “in” colour featured in the latest fashion and accessories. For example, combine an eye-popping purple with a classic black and white or perhaps a contemporary grey. Other trendy colours to consider include shades of turquoise, coral and violet. However, don’t limit yourself to the current colour trends. If you adore that avocado green that was in your Nana’s kitchen, then go with your gut—after all, an adventurous spirit is expected to be a little on the rebellious side.

If you’re still working on bringing out that inner spirit and the thought of having your main living area burst with energy gives you the jitters, that’s okay. Take baby steps. To inject a little oomph into a bathroom space, experiment with funky colour combos or create an exotic corner space in your bedroom or dressing area. Playing with adventurous colour on a manageable scale will give you the confidence you need to instil that same spirit into other parts of your home.

You have the tips. You have the tricks. There’s only one thing left to say: “Go for it!”

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