Style Your Room Romantic


By Kate Smith, CMG, CfYH
Colour is a key ingredient in styling a room romantic. Tints, which are the combination of any colour and white, will provide the lightness that conveys a tender feel.

To create softness and romance, don’t limit yourself to shades of pink. Other colours to consider include soft peaches, buttery yellows, and gentle lavenders. Don’t rule out shades of blue, either. Create a tender—and contemporary—mood by choosing aqua and ivory, perhaps accented with shades of gray.

A feeling of charm can be created by using low-contrast colours that are easy on the eyes and create a relaxing mood.  Look for colours that have the same value (lightness or darkness), to get that gentle feel that makes you want to sit down with a cup of tea and your favorite novel.

To create feminine, romantic spaces, delicate is one word that should be in your décor vocabulary. Think clean, graceful lines and gentle, floral-inspired colours.

To evoke an imaginative mood use airy, light materials. Think gauzy window dressings or pillows trimmed in subtle edging. Other dreamy materials include satins and subtle laces.

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