Our Milestone

Below is an illustration from the time we began to now

  • 1.Started our own Metal Cans Manufacturing Plant, a first in the paint industry

  • 1.Set up Headquarters at a custom built factory, on a 5 acre plot on Old North Airport Road, in Embakasi, Nairobi.

  • 1.Launch and introduction of Duracoat range of premium quality paints.

  • 1.Launched the Pat’s Deco range of specialized interiors finishes from France.

  • 1.Introduction of Real Roc textured coatings from Turkey

  • 1.Opening of a depot at the Coast namely “Coastal Paint Centre” .

  • 1.Launch of the Automated Computerized Tinting System with the Duracoat Colour Mania”.

  • 1.Opening of a depot in Kisumu namely “Nyanza Paint Centre”.

  • 1.Opening of a depot in Meru namely Mt. Kenya Paint Centre”.

    2.Launch and introduction of Duracoat Royale Range, a premium plus range of products.

  • 1.Opened a depot in Kampala, Uganda in a move into the East African Region.

    2.Duracoat emerges Winner in MSK Warrior Awards.

  • 1.Basco Paints attains the ISO 9001:2008 certification status.

  • 1.Duracoat is awarded Superbrand 2009-2011 status.

  • 1.Launch of the San Deco range of special effects from Turkey.

    2.Winner of the Best Ad Campaign, MSK Warrior Award for Duracoat Eco-friendly.

  • 1.Launch of the Duracoat Anti-Bacterial range of paints.

    2.Awarded the Superbrand East Africa 2012-2014 status.

    3.Launch of Duracoat Couture Fashion colour palette partnering with Sensational Colour (USA).

    4.Launch of the Venezia 24/7 range of special effects from Italy.

    5.Launch of the Rift Valley Paint Centre” in Nakuru.

  • 1.Launch of Lead & Chrome Free paints, a first in the region.

    2.Launch of the Mapei range of Waterproofing products from Italy.

    3.Launch of the Duratherm Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint.

  • 1.Launch of framed Attitude colour palette in partnership with Sensational Color.

    2.Launch of the San Marco Range of special effects from Italy.

    3.Launch of the Duracoat Brigade Service.

    4Launch of the Duracoat 0800221331/2/3.

    5.Opened a new production plant in Kampala, Uganda.

  • 1.Launch of Durabond Range of Tile Adhesives.

    2.Opening of a depot in Kisii namely “Kisii Paint Centre”.

    3.Opening of a depot in Eldoret namely “Eldoret Paint Centre”

    4.Launch of the Fragrant range.

  • 1.Launch of the Silicone Range.

  • 1.Opening of a depot in Machakos namely “Machakos Paint Centre” .

    2.Opening of a depot in Kakamega namely Western Region Paint Centre”.

  • 1.Opening of a depot in Nyeri namely Aberdares Paint Centre”.

  • 1. Launch of the Duracoat Home Solutions Showroom; Sarit Centre.

    2.Opening of a depot in Garissa namely “North Eastern Paint Centre”.