Basco Donates Paint Towards 7th SAMOSA Festival – 27th August, 2016


The seventh edition of the Samosa Festival concluded with a powerful message to all Kenyans as created by several graffiti artists in the heart of Eastleigh estate. This year the activities focused on Eastleigh a neighborhood troubled with various security challenges over the years.

SAMOSA stands for ‘South Asian Mosaic of Society and the Arts’; the ‘South Asian’ component in the brand originates from the festival being used initially as a mechanism to channel the Kenyan South Asian population’s contribution to civil society in regard to cohesion and integration initiatives.

Today, the brand is by no means an exclusive reference to the South Asian population – it has evolved to feature cross cultural productions and events that showcase the best of Kenyan culture, with the South Asian influence as an integral part of Kenya’s unique triple heritage (African, Eastern and Western).

The final phase of the project involved a group of Grafitti artists working at various schools and Carlifonia estate where they created murals using the donated paint from Basco. The murals celebrating successful opinion shapers who have emerged from Eastleigh such as Nonini & Juacali who are popular musicians as well as Victor Wanyama an international football player in the English Premier League. The finale event on completion of the mural painting was a basketball tournament and music concert at the Carlifonia Sport Ground.

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