Basco Paints Introduces New Duracoat Silicone Range – 18th March, 2016


Basco Paints, leading paint manufacturer, announced the entry of their latest superior range of silicon based paint within the Duracoat portfolio. Duracoat Silicone Exterior Emulsion range is a water based paint that is resistant to extreme temperatures, weathering, ageing, oxidation, moisture and ultra-violet radiation. The range protects buildings from physical and visible effects of weather damage. The paint comes with a 15 year written warranty from the manufacturers, as an assurance of its excellent qualities.

The store boasts of a wide range of services such as a broad selection of international textured finishes and special effects from Italy and Turkey, free colour consultation and information on the latest international colour palettes, interior décor tips, technical support, a Colourmania Centre with any of 7,000 shades available in minutes, and expert solutions for any residential or commercial project.

“Basco Paints has established itself as an innovative powerhouse in the dynamic construction industry with constant changes in technologies, methods, products and consumer demanded responses,” said Aidah Munano, State Department of Housing and Urban Development, Principal Secretary. She added that, “the challenge posed by drastic climatic conditions globally has pushed manufacturers to seek for solutions to damaged exterior paints. The P.S. lauded Basco Paints for striving to raise the bar in the construction industry by addressing various causes of paint failures.

“Duracoat Silicone range has a 15 year written warranty and was developed in line with international standards and global best practice in paint manufacturing,” said Kamlesh Shah, Basco Paints, managing director. “We are confident that this is a game changer in the construction industry and solves an age old challenge of flaking, cracking and ageing of exterior coatings over a period of time.” He also announced that the paint would be retailing at a 23% cheaper price than the alternative in the market. The range part of the Duracoat brand is also Eco-friendly and Lead and Chrome Free adding to its top quality attributes.

Basco Products (K) Ltd (popularly known as Basco Paints) was founded in 1976 and headquartered in Embakasi, Nairobi and has over 750 employees. It is a leading manufacturer of the Basco and Duracoat brands widely distributed in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and South Sudan. The organization is ISO Certified, holds the Superbrand East Africa status and offers paint in over 7,000 colours the widest selection of colours available in the region.

Basco Paints has the largest integrated factory in the region that can produce up to 5,000,000 litres of paint in one single shift of production. The company has over 250 Duracoat Colourmania Centres, these are innovative one stop paint centres where paints are dispensed in less than 10 minutes. Other international brands distributed by Basco Paints include: Ronseal Wood Products (UK), San Deco (Turkey), San Marco (Italy) and Cover It/Venezia (Italy).

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