Basco Paints Makes Presentation During The United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi – 23rd May, 2016


Basco Paints was represented along 50 delegates from governments, industry and civil society gathered at a side event organized by the Lead Paint Alliance in Nairobi, in the margins of the second session of the United Nations Environment Assembly.

Mr. Santosh Pawar, Basco Paints’ Head of Research and Development made a brief presentation on the journey that Basco Paints has taken since 2013 when the Duracoat Range was declared Lead Free. He explained to the delegates the reason why Lead is used in paint and also informed them that Basco had phased out Lead driers 17 years ago. He also tackled the possible measures that can be put in place by various stakeholders in order to ensure compliance by manufacturers and hence phase out lead from paints.

Mr. Pawar was part of a panel discussion undertaking the following topic; “Cross-sector cooperation towards the phasing out of lead in paint”. Other panelists were from the Government of Kenya, IPEN, and the AAK, they agreed to present their efforts towards phasing out lead in paint and discuss further collaboration. The panel was moderated by Dr. Farida Were from the (Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute) a leading scientist in Lead Awareness.

The side event, entitled “Four Years to Phase Out Lead in Paint Worldwide”, took stock of the progress towards the goal of the Lead Paint Alliance to have legal limits to lead in paint in all countries by 2020. Representatives from Kenya, Moldova and Philippines presented regional and national initiatives for establishing and enforcing laws to control lead in paint. Stakeholders from paint industry, architects and civil society joined the discussion towards an enhanced stakeholder engagement in the law making.

Participants agreed that the first step is to establish national and regional standards and regulations, whereas we should address further challenges such as enforcement capacity building and involvement of informal sector. Good examples are emerging in regulatory initiatives and stakeholder engagement. The Lead Paint Alliance offers a platform for mutual learning and knowledge management.

The event was organized by the Lead Paint Alliance. The US Environment Protection Agency, the Government of Kenya, UNEP, WHO and IPEN are partners and advisory group members of this alliance. Basco’s presentation as well as those of the other panelists can be found here: UNEP

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