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A house is a valuable investment that many Kenyans are working hard to purchase and even more dream to one day own. With the diverse residential projects coming up all over the country, one would be spoilt for choice on where to invest and what type of home they would want to purchase or build in order for them to make it their home. With the ever growing middle class, more Kenyans have purchasing power to enable them to actualize this dream ;however many  are discouraged by the soaring home prices in most areas of the suburbs and majority of the city, hence the need for more affordable yet durable housing for Kenyans to invest in.

When we speak about “affordable” we do not mean haphazard homes built with cheap and low quality material, we mean homes built with a mix of materials and finishes that are of top quality yet easy on the pockets. More innovative building solutions are being introduced into the Kenyan market to provide a variety of building solutions. A very good example of this is the introduction of prefabricated building technology that is slowly being adopted into the market. The slow adoption is however attributed to the low awareness of this technology. The technology uses fiber cement walls up to 9mm thick that are produced at factories according to the house specification and are later assembled on site. This technology reduces the amount of time taken to construct a house and lowers the costs by up to 30 per cent.

Interlocking concrete units are also new in the market , reducing  wastage of building material, saving  time taken to construct and decreases  the overall cost of construction. However there many  factors involved with construction apart from the overall structure of the house, finishing material such as tiles, electrical material, paint and much more. The paint industry is striving to create more state-of-the-art paint solutions that result in mind blowing finishes that are both long lasting and durable. Textured paints, anti-bacterial paints, fragrant paints, roof paints and protective paints are just some of the different offerings available in the market today. Yet again the awareness on the fantastic end products that paint can produce is on a low.

As modern trends suggest, an increasing number of home owners are interested in converting their houses into homes by owning their own space. What this simply means is that people are interested in making their homes unique to their personal touch and taste. More home owners are realizing that paints could give fantastic finishes while saving costs; for instance majority of home owners would employ someone to give their exterior walls a textured effect with a mix of cement and other materials and still end up painting it without knowing that textured paints could give them that same look and feel while saving costs. With the option of supply and apply as a one stop quotation,   more customers could save costs and get a professional finish because the paint company provides trained and experienced paint technicians to ensure a top quality finish.

While most struggle with the mix and match of paint and get confused on the different types of paints to use on different areas, we at Basco Paints are able to offer clients the benefit of  an in-house interior designer who advises and recommends the best paints for the different areas of the home. This is just an example of the lengths we as one of Kenya’s top paint manufacturers reach in order to ensure customer satisfaction while also increasing awareness and educating more home owners when it comes to matters paint.

All in all there is immense potential for more affordable home solutions in the country. We recognize the continued steps the Kenyans government is making to provide affordable homes to the Kenyan citizens. We are also grateful for the partnership opportunities the government has brought into play for both local and international companies, this helps the Kenyan industry open up to new and innovative technologies and innovations that keep us a step ahead when it comes to matters construction. It is my sincere hope that as we work towards achieving the national vision 2030 goals that the construction and manufacturing industries are at the forefront of helping the nation achieve these milestones.

As a Body Corporate, we pay particular emphasis on the concept of “Value Addition”, whereby continuous enhancement of individual product categories at virtually no cost implication to the end user is a persistent endeavor.

The obvious goal is to make an increasing arena of products accessible to all the various categories of income earners. Thankfully, we are making significant progress in this direction.

By Basco Paints Managing Director, Mr. Kamlesh Shah


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