Focus on Education



The importance of corporate social responsibility in organisations when it comes to improving livelihoods of those in society cannot be undermined where the overall growth of an economy is concerned. It is therefore against this backdrop that we have continued to engage in CSR activities modelled around different thematic areas with the intent of leaving a positive societal impact.

Having initiated our flagship project in May 2010, with a view of transforming ordinary painters into expert through equipping them with technical skills and knowledge, Basco Paints continues to leave an imprint of creating a vantage point for those from humble backgrounds. The program which continues to remain beneficial to many painters irrespective of their professional backgrounds has enabled many of the graduates of this program to venture into entrepreneurship and consultancy in areas relevant to the painting sector.

With the success that stemmed from this program, we also embarked on an initiative to give a face lift to learning institutions across the country. These activities cut across learning institutions in the public and primary school sector with a focus of refurbishing educational hubs as well as motivate the students within these institutions through paint donations. Some of the learning institutions we embarked on to bring a transformative change were:-Hospital Hill Primary School, Ainsworth Primary School, Jamhuri High School, Juja Road Primary School, River Bank Primary School, Kobila Secondary School, Morrison Primary School, Nairobi Primary School, St. Clavers  Primary School, Muthaiga Primary School among many others.

The project was a huge success and was received with gratitude from the pupils as well as the School Management and teaching staff. The refurbishment of these various educational centres through the use of paint signified an external rebrand of the institution.

Resource mobilisation surrounding infrastructure utilised in the educational sector in Kenya primarily in public learning systems still remains at a worrying low. Although some of these structures have nurtured many of Kenya’s talented professionals, the structures more often than not are seldom maintained due to lack of adequate funds.

It is for this reason therefore, that we as Basco Paints have made it our mission and purposely strive to ensure sustainability and continuity of provision of quality education. That said, also simultaneously joining hands with the government to fight illiteracy levels through ensuring that we assist in maintenance of these learning facilities that serve as a means of boosting the morale levels of the students. Through activities such as the aforementioned, Basco Paints remains committed in impacting lives for the better through CSR initiatives.

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