Scores Hardware – Nakuru


My journey with Basco Products Ltd began in 2011, which I have since never frowned upon with regret. At the time I was based in Nakuru and had already established a business in 2006 thanks to a loan assistance. The business which had been up and running for four years was involved in selling hardware products along East Road.

However, the game changer for my business came when Basco opened a depot in Nakuru to service its clients better thus the start of my growth path. Shortly after the Basco management, spotted the potential of my business and gave me an ACT machine.

The ACT Machine opened many business avenues, as painters began streaming into my shop. What additionally spurred more growth for my business, was the introduction of the Basco Products Limited training program suited to enhance the Duracoat product knowledge among the general public, specifically painters. This in turn created an acceptance of the newly   introduced Duracoat premium range among the general public as well as painters’ hence increasing demand.

With the increased demand, I later went on to open another shop in 2017 within Nakuru town, and in March 2018, Basco rewarded me with another ACT machine which helped manage my growth and in turn service my clients better.

I am grateful to the Nakuru Basco team and the entire management for supporting me to be where I am today and for allowing me to be part of the big family of Basco. Long live Basco paints!

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