Sycum Solutions Company Limited


Sycum Solutions Company Limited, is a leading Architectural and Construction Management consultancy firm based in Nairobi Kenya. The firm provides a holistic, practical and creative approach to Architectural challenges.

Since its inception in 2004, they offer an array of services ranging from advisory and research, to design and production, construction management and post defects liability period support. Their impressive track record of successful projects put them on the map as architectural design champions.

The firm uses green technology for some of their projects in collaboration with Basco Paints environmentally friendly paint. The technology of environmentally friendly paints has expanded significantly over the last 10 years and this technology expansion was enabled by innovation. The primary focus across both architectural and industrial coating applications has been on technology that enables maximum performance while still meeting stringent volatile organic compound (VOC) and emission requirements.

Some of the significant projects the architectural firm has pioneered in collaboration with Basco Piants include;

  1. Le’ Mac Apartments

Le’Mac is a statement of impeccable architecture with immense attention to detail and a fine blend of spaces to allow functional flows with ensuring utmost privacy.

The apartments at the Le’Mac embodies intricately designed spaces that offer open-plan and modern living arrangements of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. Floor to ceiling windows, avant grade finishes and spectacular views.

Project Status: Complete


2 Wood Creek School

Situated on an 11-acre campus adjacent to Tatu City, in Kiambu, Woodcreek School provides a serene & secure learning environment like no other. The design on the school is of top notch finesse.

Project status: Complete


3.Lifestyle Terraces Apartments

This is a modern four storey blocks gated community, offering a contemporary residential environment with 280 two and three bedroom apartments. It is fitted with modern architecture customized for suburb lifestyles.

Project Status: Complete

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